[Koha] Embedding search form with branch limit

Karen Myers karenmyers1 at hotmail.com
Wed May 15 14:53:26 NZST 2019

Hi all

Hoping someone may be able to help me with this - I've searched online but cant find a solution. I am embedding a search box in the website of of one of our member libraries using the code below, however I want to limit the search to that 1 member library's materials.
What else to i need to add to ensure it just returns results from the 1 member library rather than all our libraries?

<form name="searchform" method="get" action="" id="searchform">
<input id="transl1" name="q" type="text"><p>
<select name="idx" id="masthead_search">
<option value="kw">Keyword</option>
<option value="ti">Title</option>
<option value="au">Author</option>
<option value="su">Subject</option>
<option value="nb">ISBN</option>
<option value="se">Series</option>
<option value="callnum">Call Number</option>
<input value="Search" id="searchsubmit" type="submit">

Thanks in advance.


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