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George gwilliams at nekls.org
Sat Jul 13 03:22:14 NZST 2019


I don't know that popping out the Z39.50 window is necessary for me for 
new cataloging, but if I'm updating an existing record I find it helpful 
to be able to have the Z39.50 marc preview data in the pop-up window so 
I can look at the existing record in the regular window and examine both 
the original and the potential replacement side-by-side.

As far as window size goes, I had several catalogers complain that the 
pop-up was too small a couple of years ago, so I wrote some jQuery to 
set a new default height and width but it set those by pixel count.  
Shortly thereafter I had some other catalogers complain that the pop-up 
was too big for their screens because they have their screen resolution 
set very low to accommodate their eyesight.  We actually have one 
librarian with a very large screen that's been set to 800x600 because of 
vision problems and the original jQuery (which looked great on most 
screens) pushed the edges of the pop-up off beyond the margins of her 
monitor unless it loaded at the extreme upper left corner of the 
monitor.  Sometime last year I re-wrote that jQuery so it sizes the 
pop-up based on the user's screen resolution and also pushes the window 
to the upper left corner of the screen.  When I saw this e-mail thread I 
realized that I had never added that jQuery to the library on the wiki, 
so I just did that.  It's at 
if anyone following this conversation is interested.

See you all later,


On 7/12/2019 7:28 AM, Owen Leonard wrote:
> A related question: When using the Z39.50 search function in
> cataloging do you think it's necessary that the search form and search
> results appear in a pop-up window? The MARC/Card/Import buttons were
> combined into a menu because of the limited space available in the
> window. Changing the size would make things less cramped.
> Is it important that one be able to have the Z39.50 window open
> separately from the MARC editor?
> I would love to hear as many opinions as possible!
>   -- Owen

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