[Koha] Z3950 search results

Franz Dietrich dietrich at teilgedanken.de
Sat Jul 13 02:10:09 NZST 2019

Hey Owen,

for me it can be resized as long as it works without scrolling in
1280x1024 as we still have monitors that size.


Am 12.07.19 um 14:28 schrieb Owen Leonard:
> A related question: When using the Z39.50 search function in
> cataloging do you think it's necessary that the search form and search
> results appear in a pop-up window? The MARC/Card/Import buttons were
> combined into a menu because of the limited space available in the
> window. Changing the size would make things less cramped.
> Is it important that one be able to have the Z39.50 window open
> separately from the MARC editor?
> I would love to hear as many opinions as possible!
>  -- Owen

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