[Koha] Batch deleting patrons

Andy Boze boze.1 at nd.edu
Thu Jul 4 11:09:23 NZST 2019

Hello, community!

If I use the "Batch patron deletion/anonymization" tool to delete 
patrons, I'm given three options to the question "What do you want to do 
for deleted patrons?"

Permanently delete these patrons
Move these patrons to the trash
Do not remove any patrons (test run)

I've searched the manual and can't find any information about the 
options. The third one is obvious, but I don't know what the differrence 
is between permanently delete and move to trash. I'd assume that trashed 
patron records could be retrieved and restored, but I see no way to do 
that. When I move patrons to trash, I just get a confirmation, but no 
additional information.

Can someone explain the difference?


Andy Boze, Associate Librarian
University of Notre Dame
271H Hesburgh Library
(574) 631-8708

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