Igbudu Tersoo murphyigbudu at gmail.com
Wed Nov 21 23:17:31 NZDT 2018

Hi Great Ones,
Had a problem with my old koha server machine. i have currently installed
koha 18.04 with mysql 5.7 database on ubuntu 18.11. on the old server
machine, koha 17.11 with mariadb database was running on ubuntu 16.11. now
i have a backup of the old server and i used this command *mysqldump -uroot
-p koha_library<koha_library.sql* to import the backup to the new server.
the mysqldump command  runs without an error but no data is migrated to the
new server.
please any help on what do do?
Thank you.

Murphy Igbudu
Systems Librarian
Benue State University Library & Information Services,
Benue State University Makurdi. Nigeria.

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