[Koha] searching with z3950/sru: no matches

Sebastian Krieg sebastian.krieg at tuz-eisenach.de
Sun May 13 06:16:45 NZST 2018

Hello community,

I have a problem with the Z3950/SRU search adding new items: searching with Z3950/SRU brings no matches and there are no entries in the logfiles of koha and apache.

To isolate the cause I checked the connection between my koha host and the z3950/sru server in several ways. 
1. Search with any firewall down brings no matches. That means there is no firewall reason.
2. I check the connectivity to the server z3950.gbv.de:210/gvk with /usr/bin/yaz-client: it work's. Searching with the same parameters in koha: no match. That means the z3950/sru server is generally responding.
3. I monitor my private network with ettercap between the koha host and my network gateway. I repeat case #2 and it shows a traffic in booth directions using yaz-client and koha. That means that the koha search brings a match but this will not shown.

That's why I think there is no network reason. That should be a configuration problem in koha. The z3950/sru configuration is located in the table 'z3950servers'. Another z3950/sru server configuration I didn't found in /etc/koha/.

I have some questions to isolate the cause:
1. Where are the locations of the z3950/sru server configuration?
2. What are the last changes in the global koha z3950/sru server configuration?
3. It's possible that another koha configuration is broken? Normally I use a saved configuration for a new koha version.
3. It's possible to make the koha logfiles more 'chatty'?

Can you help me?


Sebastian Krieg

mailto:sebastian.krieg at tuz-eisenach.de

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