[Koha] Koha Indexing Problem 18.05.01

Michael Kuhn mik at adminkuhn.ch
Mon Jul 23 05:23:09 NZST 2018

Hi Magnus

 >> In fact I don't know anyway what happens if you use "-f -a -b" since
 >> "-f" means the same as "-a -b". From "man koha-rebuild-zebra":
 >> -f, --full
 >>       Does a reindex of the whole collection.
 >> -a, --authorities
 >>       Only run the indexing process for authority records.
 >> -b, --biblios
 >>       Only run the indexing process for biblio records.
 > Not quite. The default behaviour of koha-rebuild-zebra is to only
 > index the records in the zebraqueue db table that have been marked as
 > "not done". These are typically records that have been added ot
 > updated since the last time koha-rebuild-zebra was run.

Shouldn't this be noted in the manpage?

 > When you add
 > --full or -f you do a complete reindexing of everything in the
 > database, regardless of the status in zebraqueue. -a and -b will
 > determine if this applies to bibliographic records, authority records
 > or both.

However, do I understand right that

* "-f" and "-f -a -b" are doing the same thing (i. e. full indexing of 

* but "-a -b" is not (i. e. because it is only indexing what is marked 
as as "not done")?

Best wishes: Michael
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