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Hi Rajesh,

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Sir and Madam

I am very new to Koha. I can install koha successfully. I also can edit
files and work on command line as I work on old DOS. Now I want to migrate
from Soul 2.0 to Koha.

I know Marc edit and able to convert data from Soul to excel and excel to

If you have exported data from SOUL v2 using its marc21 export option,
chances are your exported marc files does not contain key holdings
information like say accession date. Basically, you end up losing a lot of
data about your collection.

The trick is to use the SQL server database backup and extract that
separately and merge it back via a marc merge operation.

Now anyone can provide me check list what to do to run smoothly.

As basic - add patrons and libraries, creating calendar, is easy and I can
do. however, pls provide me comprehensive guidelines so I can work in bug
free environment.

For a stable experience, I would recommend running on the latest oldstable
release (which already has at least 6 months worth of field use and bug
fixes). And then you should keep on updating it periodically as the Koha
community releases updates every month.

There are commercial agencies available here, but my institute is a
community institute, run by Rotary Club of Vapi india. Our one third
students are studying with aid of scholarships and our institute can not
afford commercial agencies.
I choose Koha because it is community software.

The on-boarding tool run by the Koha web installer has already made the
basics of getting a functional library system a child's play as it setup up
all the defaults.

You would however need to map your SOUL item types into Koha correctly.

Also if you want SOUL like experience of typing in part of a text and
seeing the options come up, you will need to set up your authorised values
and authority files (and perhaps some custom AJAX lookup using the
intranetuserjs system preference).

So, between the Koha user manual and the wiki, and of course the source
code, and community support you should be well set.

I request to all to help

You will find help more forthcoming if you follow the approach of
describing specifically what you want and what you have done so far in a
concise list of steps.

You are also expected to RTFM ;-)

Indranil Das Gupta,
L2C2 Technologies.

Rajesh Bhatt
GIDC Rajju Shroff Rofel Institute of Management Studies
Vapi India
+919824925609 (whatsapp)
takan.bhatt at gmail.com
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