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Thank you. Excellent information.

On Thu, Sep 14, 2017 at 12:02 PM, George <gwilliams at nekls.org> wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> Firefox updated on my computer last night and, without asking me if I
> wanted it or not, the new Firefox has "Firefox Screenshots" was enabled by
> default.  If you haven't seen this new built-in feature yet, one of its
> functions is to allow you to very easily save screenshots to an unsecured
> location in the cloud. Naturally anything that allows staff to,
> potentially, save confidential data to an unsecured location in the cloud
> causes me great concern and the only advice I can find from Mozilla is just
> an explanation of how to disable this new feature by turning it off using
> "about:config."  Since I have to worry about staff at 51 different library
> locations with 2-20 staff computer per location, tuning this off using
> about:config is not feasible for me.  My concern here isn't that staff will
> purposefully start taking screenshots like crazy and sharing them with
> their friends but that they will take a screenshot to share a problem or a
> concern with me or other staff and click on the button that saves the
> screenshot to the cloud without realizing that anyone with the URL will be
> able to access the screenshot.
> So, I looked at what is happening in Koha when you click on the screenshot
> icon or by right clicking on "Take a screenshot" and figured out that some
> jQuery would stop staff at all of our libraries from using this new
> feature.  This should prevent anyone from accidentally saving confidential
> information somewhere where they shouldn't.  The only thing that I don't
> like about this method of disabling this feature is that, if someone does
> try to use Firefox Screenshots while in the Koha staff client, they will
> probably end up with a pop-up message on their screen saying "Woah! Firefox
> Screenshots went haywire."
> If anyone else wants this jQuery for this, it's on the community wiki at
> https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/JQuery_Library#Disable_
> .28more-or-less.29_Firefox_Screenshots_on_all_pages_in_Koha
> See you all later,
> George
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