[Koha] Firefox Screenshots

George gwilliams at nekls.org
Fri Sep 15 04:02:41 NZST 2017

Hello everyone,

Firefox updated on my computer last night and, without asking me if I 
wanted it or not, the new Firefox has "Firefox Screenshots" was enabled 
by default.  If you haven't seen this new built-in feature yet, one of 
its functions is to allow you to very easily save screenshots to an 
unsecured location in the cloud. Naturally anything that allows staff 
to, potentially, save confidential data to an unsecured location in the 
cloud causes me great concern and the only advice I can find from 
Mozilla is just an explanation of how to disable this new feature by 
turning it off using "about:config."  Since I have to worry about staff 
at 51 different library locations with 2-20 staff computer per location, 
tuning this off using about:config is not feasible for me.  My concern 
here isn't that staff will purposefully start taking screenshots like 
crazy and sharing them with their friends but that they will take a 
screenshot to share a problem or a concern with me or other staff and 
click on the button that saves the screenshot to the cloud without 
realizing that anyone with the URL will be able to access the screenshot.

So, I looked at what is happening in Koha when you click on the 
screenshot icon or by right clicking on "Take a screenshot" and figured 
out that some jQuery would stop staff at all of our libraries from using 
this new feature.  This should prevent anyone from accidentally saving 
confidential information somewhere where they shouldn't.  The only thing 
that I don't like about this method of disabling this feature is that, 
if someone does try to use Firefox Screenshots while in the Koha staff 
client, they will probably end up with a pop-up message on their screen 
saying "Woah! Firefox Screenshots went haywire."

If anyone else wants this jQuery for this, it's on the community wiki at 

See you all later,

George Williams
NExpress Coordinator
Send NExpress support e-mails to nexpresshelp at nekls.org

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