[Koha] RFID fixed readers, Koha and middleware

Mike D. black23 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 27 10:14:49 NZDT 2017

Hello community,
is  here some library that use fixed RFID readers for extended managements
of items or "smart" inventory? We're looking for experiences and best
practise based on open source middleware like Rifidi. We would use fixed
reader for automatic change of location based of movement of items. We need
to collect data from readers and run specific tasks in Koha via API, for
expample change of holdingbranch.
Use anybody Koha in this way? If yes, which readers (Alien, Zebra, Chafon)
and middleware and why?
We found some papers about Greek library that experimented with this, but
no deeper technical background.

Thank you for sharing of experiences.


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