[Koha] Wiping all partial or full Koha isntallation(s) and installing stable under Mint

C.J.S. Hayward cjsh at cjshayward.com
Wed Jul 26 05:18:18 NZST 2017

I have a virtual machine that may have two conflicting Koha installations.

What, if anything, can I do that will wipe all Koha installations
completely, and install a new stable from scratch, following

I don't know if I *exactly* need to go so far as to delete details like the
Koha repository in aptitude... but I am willing to do so if I am advised. I
do think it would be better to wipe any Koha-created directory heirarchies,
and drop any Koha-related databases.

(Note: My system doesn't contain any valuable information *in* Koha; the
only loss would be the time and energy to delete and rebuild the

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