[Koha] Sorting Search Results for Arabic titles... Koha 3.14...

Layale Bassil lb26 at aub.edu.lb
Tue Nov 29 03:52:05 NZDT 2016

Hello All,
We are currently using Koha 3.14 and we have imported around 2000 records to Koha which have Arabic and transliterated titles. I have two questions:

1-      When searching, the results are not sorted correctly if I select sort by Title (A-Z). I found 3 links online related to this topic: https://lists.katipo.co.nz/public/koha/2016-July/045731.html and this: http://lists.indexdata.dk/pipermail/zebralist/2015-March/002610.html and this: http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.misc.koha/19912/match=cyrillic+title. But I could not make it work for me. The search results are not being consistent. How does the sorting work? What is it sorting by when I select Title (A-Z)?

2-      I need to tell Zebra to search only in 245 subfields a and b! I don't want it to search in 245 subfield c (Statement of responsibility) because it is returning irrelevant results. How can I specify only subfields a and b for the search by title?
Thank you so much.

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