[Koha] Fines + An Older Koha

Bob Birchall bob at calyx.net.au
Mon Nov 28 15:12:21 NZDT 2016

First check the value of the system preference FinesMode, then ensure 
that fines.pl is running as a cron job.  To see if a grace period is 
set, go to the Circulation Rules definition on the Administration page.  
Let us know your findings (if the problem persists).

Koha 3.14 is no longer officially supported and as time goes by, 
upgrading to a recent version may become more difficult.  We'd recommend 
upgrading as soon as possible.  The 'stable' version 16.11 is very new; 
'old-stable' or Koha 16.05 is a good option.

I hope this helps,
Bob Birchall

On 28/11/16 12:08, Samuel Crawford wrote:
> Hi, Koha Community!
> We currently seem to be having a slight issue with our (older) version of
> Koha (3.14.11) re: fines.
> It seems that the system has stopped (or is not properly) collecting and
> recording our patrons' overdue fines.  Books that are well over 10 days
> late are turned in, but there is no accumulated fine found under the
> patron's name.  There is mention of a "grace period" in global system
> preferences, but I can't figure out to what that is currently set in our
> system, and/or how to change it.
> Can anyone tell me where I might go in this version of Koha to ensure fines
> are being accurately calculated?
> Thanks in advance,
> Sam
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