[Koha] Self checkout and capturing bar code at the time of self checkin

Krishna K krishna.moorthy94 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 13 17:48:29 NZDT 2016


We plan to use the self checkout feature at our school library so that
students and teachers can do the check outs/check ins themselves. I see 2
challenges, would appreciate any help on the same.

1. Self checkout - Once I login and enter the bar code of the book and
click on Submit, the book gets issued to me. We prefer to have a pop up
message that shows the title of the book corresponding to the entered bar
code and accepts confirmation. Something like " Are you sure you want to
checkout the Title "xxxxxxxx" ? " with a Yes and No clickable button. Once
I click on Yes, the checkout should happen. We feel this feature will be
extremely useful for people with dyslexia who may enter the bar code
differently(we dont plan to use bar code scanners). Is there any parameter
for enabling this ? If I need to customize, what should I do ?

2. Checkin thru the Self checkout module - when I login thru the Self
checkout module, I am able to see the books already checked out by me.
Against each book, I see a checkin button. When I click on the button, the
checkin happens. It does not ask for the bar code of the book - because of
this, it is quite possible for people to click on Checkin, without actually
having the book with them or returning the book!! How do I make Koha prompt
me to enter the bar code of the book ?(I see that checkin thru the staff
login has this feature!!)

Thanks for your help.

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