[Koha] Koha Community Marketing Initiative

Nathan Curulla nate at bywatersolutions.com
Tue Nov 8 04:09:42 NZDT 2016

Greetings fellow Koha users!

During the last general IRC meeting it was decided that it is time we got serious about marketing Koha globally as a community. There is still too much misunderstanding and fear based on misconceptions circulated by the larger proprietary ILS systems and it is time we fight back and educate our librarians on the realities of what we do. I will be heading up this initiative and would like to see who else is interested in taking part. For now, we have no budget for this so most of the marketing will be content that is created during volunteer time such as more regular press regarding features, website content, blog posts and social media. If you have experience marketing products or have a desire to be involved by writing content and directing the message we are trying to put out please let me know and we can put together a committee. Thanks much and I am excited to get our message out to a broader global user base!

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