[Koha] Koha Library Enhancements

Stefano Bargioni bargioni at pusc.it
Fri Jul 8 22:04:52 NZST 2016

Hy, Ayrton,
I tested Elasticsearch in Koha 16.05 and a Debian 8.5 VM.
Regarding Elasticsearch, I can say that it is an alpha version. 
You need to install Elasticsearch, and -see bug 16838 "Elasticsearch - mapping tables are not populated on new installs" - you need to "manually" populate search_* tables.
The 16.11 will be a beta version, IMO.

> Hello,
> I'm performing a pro-bono consulting in the Philippines and part of my job
> is to help enhancing a library, which currently uses Koha. This Library is
> mixed between physical material (circulation in use) and digital material,
> which are basically links to Google Drive repository.
> That being said, I would like to ask for some help about the following
> requirements:
> - Has anyone implemented Open URL for use of Open URL Referrer? 
> - Has anyone implemented some kind on Federated Search?
> - Has anyone implemented ElasticSearch? 
> - Has anyone implemented SMS notification with no cost (Email SMS perhaps)?
> - Has anyone implemented Facebook messenger to address questions to
> Librarians?
> I would really appreciate if anyone could share some details about the
> implementations.
> Many thanks in advance,
> Ayrton

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