[Koha] Question about Koha Item types.

Jesse Lambertson jlambertson at sqcc.org
Fri Sep 18 02:52:02 NZST 2015

Hello everyone.

I am doing a bunch of record editing right now and I have a question about
the Koha item-types as defined in 942 Vs. 952.

I know we can edit items and define holdings according to defined item
types in what is the 952 via the edit function.

But if I have a bunch of records that were imported with $ y already coded
in 952 as a BOOK, for instance, or a VISUAL MATERIAL, it seems those are
NOT being listed and able to be added to search restrictions at the outset
(because I had not defined item-types before I started importing). But all
the ones I imported AFTER I defined item-types are (I think).

My question is, if I edit the 942 in the cataloging module by choosing to
attach an item-type to records, will those then become part of an item-type
search capability? Or do I then need to ALSO edit the attached 952 holding
fields too?

In my mind, this seems redundant, but I do want to know.

No rush, but I want to make sure I am layering as much usability and nuance
into our catalogue as I am able.

Thank you much.


Jesse A Lambertson
Sultan Qaboos Cultural Center
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