[Koha] Search -- doing comparisons on acquisition date

Barton Chittenden barton at bywatersolutions.com
Fri Sep 18 01:33:16 NZST 2015

I'm trying to figure out how to do date comparisons based on Acquisition

The best information that I have is here:


Using the following pattern found in the documentation:

su=supreme court and yr,st-numeric=>2000

I constructed the following search, which should have returned results:


I have bibs indexed that have acquisition dates greater than 2015-08-01,
but this returned the followng:

   Results of search for 'acqdate,st-date-normalized: >2015-08-01'
   No results found!

I believe that date comparisons should be possible using CCL, according to
what I've been able to glean from indexdata

I must be missing somthing here...



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