[Koha] Best way to catalog serials

Hernandez, Heather heather_hernandez at nps.gov
Fri Nov 20 03:47:10 NZDT 2015


We usually have one bibliographic record for a serial title, with the items
for each separate issue (or bound volume) attached.  We will make a
separate bibliographic record, sometimes, for a special issue on a theme,
but it will usually be an analytic record.  We usually make the decision
based on subject access:  a majority of the issues of a serial are really
about the same general subject, so do fine on the same record for that
serial title.  If each issue were on a separate bibliographic record, with
generally the same subject headings, then it might be difficult to find a
particular issue when searching by title, too.  When there is a special
issue all about a particular subject, then that gets a separate analytic
record to bring out those subjects.  (We will also create an analytic
record for an article of particular interest, too.)

I hope this is helpful!  Cheers,
Heather Hernandez
Technical Services Librarian
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