[Koha] Importing Journals from .txt format

Balaji Ravichandran rbalajives at gmail.com
Fri Nov 20 00:31:05 NZDT 2015


I have exported the Journal database from *Libsys 4 *in *.txt *format and
now I'm trying to import it into Koha.Can anyone help me out in this? I
have already done the migration process from *.ar2 *format using
*MarcEdit *tool.But
I cannot figure out how to do in this.Please help.I am using *Koha 3.20.*

Thank You !!!

Balaji Ravichandran ( பாலாஜி ) ,
Volunteer at Free Software Foundation - Tamilnadu,
Mobile : 9790528505
My Blog - balogic.wordpress.com

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