[Koha] Koha comparision with other vendors

BWS Johnson abesottedphoenix at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 17 06:47:39 NZDT 2015


> One of our Koha candidate customer want from us some articles about 
> comparion of Koha with other
> ILS systems. I googled but could not find a technical comparision article.
> If you know such information and share, I'll be very appreciate for that.

    This is a little older, but I am still happy with it.

Muller, T. (2011). How to Choose an Free and Open Source Integrated Library System International digital library perspectives. 27(1): 57-78. www.emeraldinsight.com/1065-075X.htm 

    They were cited in Nigeria recently in 

The Use and Application of Open Source Integrated Library System in Academic Libraries in Nigeria: Koha Example 

    so if your customer is an academic customer *definitely* look at the stuff from KohaCon. It will prove most useful. :)

Hope this helped,

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