[Koha] Setting up emails in Koha

Fiona O'Connell fionao at taupaki.school.nz
Mon Mar 23 15:48:29 NZDT 2015


Can someone help with the following.  I am trying to set up automatic
emails to be sent when books are overdue.  In Patron preferences we have
the following;
*General* primary address - use first valid.
*Interface options*, Admin email, Reply to default and overdue notice BCC
 - my email address.

I have set up overdue notice/status triggers for 7, 14 and 28 days and
ticked the email box in the first two and restrict and email in the last
notice.  In Notices and slips I have set up 3 separate notices

Finally, I have asked IT to check if we have a working MTA (mail transport
agent) running on the server that has Koha and told them they may have to
use the command 'koha-email-enable'. They said this is set up correctly but
we are still not getting emails sent out.  Any suggestions gratefully
accepted. I am not very tech savvy so the simpler the explanation the


Fiona O'Connell
*Taupaki School*

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