[Koha] Unexpected behaviour 942 $h (3.18)

Elaine Bradtke eb at efdss.org
Thu Jan 22 12:00:54 NZDT 2015

We're running 3.18.02
I reported the same problem in 3.14, but it was intermittent.  Now it's
back again.

When editing a catalogue record, we manually type in the contents of the
942$h (call number).  This is usually the last thing that is added before
saving the record, otherwise we might not have seen what happens next.
After hitting save, and before the item record comes up, a space and
numeral 1 magically appear after the call number, completely without our

Here it is in a record - the call number should be only "QM" as it is in
the 099 field. It appears to be adding 0001 in the  942 $6 which we have
set to ignore. If the 1 is successfully deleted from the $h, the 0001 also
vanishes from $6.

000 00720ndm a22002057a 4500
001 201501211025.nw
003 UkLoVW
005 20150121224121.0
008 150121q1926 enkfmle nn 0 eng d
040 _aUkLoVW_beng_cUkLoVW
099 _aQM
100 1 _913719_aHooton, P. M.
245 10 _aManuscript music book /
300 _a6 p. :_bmusic ;_c30 cm.
500 _aManuscript music book with country morris and sword dance tunes,
including bass parts in some cases. The name P. M. Hooton is on the front
cover, probably Miss P. M. Hooton of Norwich who was an EFDS member in the
650 7 _9127_aDance music
650 7 _9163_aEngland
850 _aUkLoVW
942 _2VWML_cMS_hQM 1_n0_6QM0001
999 _c65844_d65844

Note: it seems to be happening on every other save.  In other words, edit a
record once, it's fine. Go back in and edit it again, and the 1 appears.
Edit it a third time to delete the 1 and it's fine.  This is driving my
colleagues to distraction.  Any thoughts?

Elaine Bradtke
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