[Koha] Importing Authority data

Rivikantha Herath rkrivi at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 21 20:17:24 NZDT 2015

Dear all,
My name is Rivikantha and I work as a computer programmer inUniversity of Peradeniya main library. We are in the process of implementing  Koha as our integrated library managementsystem.  Currently we have imported datafrom the current library management system to Koha via a marc file and all thebibliographic data seems to be in order. I can search a book and all the dataseems to have imported successfully. 

But authority data such as Author Name has not beenimported. I cannot search authorities which results in 0 results.
·        Does I have to import authority data separately orhas the marc import process has a failure. ·        If so what is the procedure to import authoritydata from the current system.·        Is there a way to generate authority data frombibliographic data.
I am currently facing this problem and our data migrationprocess has come to a complete stop. We have to make the system live by april.So any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you
Computer Programmer.

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