[Koha] Displaying Arabic script in KOHA

Jesse Lambertson jlambertson at sqcc.org
Wed Jan 21 10:00:48 NZDT 2015

I just submitted a question recently regarding MARC and display to AUTOCAT
and the response I got prompted a Koha-specific question:

I know that Koha is being translated into use for more and more languages
to handle non-latin language/scripts.

Good news!

My question is: What is the default Koha display of Arabic script?

I mean, as I start to catalogue my collection, following the 880 MARC rules
for linking "alternative" script, what will that display look like (in this
case Arabic)?

I have seen examples of displays with romanized text followed by the Arabic
script in the same field, but am not finding any examples of corresponding
fields displaying that same script separately.

Is this a matter of local cataloguing practice or the defaults in the ILS

Thanks in advance,


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