[Koha] Acquisition Help

Jack Morash jmorash at pacbell.net
Tue Jan 20 11:25:15 NZDT 2015

Afternoon Everyone,

In our library, we receive a lot of donated books.  To better track where they came from, I
started using the Acquisition portion of Koha.  Apparently we are doing something wrong because we cannot seem to
receive the books after they have been put into an order.
We use a Vendor named Donations and have Baskets using the
donors name.  We add the books to a
basket using External Source (Z39) and use a $0 for Vendor Price.  After 1 to multiple items are added to the Basket,
we go back around to the Vendor and Receive Shipments.  You are then asked to put in the Invoice number
which we use a date code.  When you go to
the next step there are no items to receive.  
The above process worked once for one Basket but will not
work for other Baskets.  I’ve tried
deleting and re-creating both orders and Baskets to no avail. 
We are running Version 3.16.04
Amazon ec2 server instance 
OS is Ubuntu flavored
Any help would be appreciated. 
Jack Morash
South Bay Historical Railroad Society

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