[Koha] Date off

Jack Morash jmorash at pacbell.net
Sat Jan 17 19:06:42 NZDT 2015

Evening all,

I seem to be having a date problem.  I've found the date ahead 1 day in two places.

1. I checked myself out a book. I then looked at my Circulation History.  The column for date is one day ahead. the column for Checked out On" is the correct date.

2. Under Acquisitions, I added an item to a basket. Again the date entered was the next day.

I've checked the server and the date and time are correct. Is there somewhere in one of the settings or a configuration file that specifies the date??

We are running Version 3.16.04
Running on an Amazon EC2 server 
Ubuntu flavored Linux system


Jack Morash

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