[Koha] Journey to Koha installation (server question)

Jesse Lambertson jlambertson at sqcc.org
Sat Jan 17 09:39:38 NZDT 2015

Hello everyone,

We are finally about to order our Linux server on which will be installed

Logistics take longer than one thinks sometimes. :)

In previous submissions to the list, I have asked about virtualization on a
windows server and RAM specs to properly run Koha if we went with a virtual

Thank you for your input.

We are buying a proper server in order to avoid virtualization.

My technical support people are asking about best-practices and
best-specifications for the server.
They want to verify the server NEITHER under-performs NOR over-performs my

What are the smaller special libraries running Koha 3.16 on Debian/Linux
finding to be best RAM requirements?

Also, are there other specifications related to processing that should be
taken into consideration?

Thank you in advance.

This community is great.


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