[Koha] Help Lost all Biblio information

Robin Sheat robin at catalyst.net.nz
Fri Jan 16 13:18:49 NZDT 2015

Boulier, Jack schreef op do 15-01-2015 om 23:56 [+0000]:
> All of the bibliographical information for my collection is missing, yet the database is indicating records are present. 

What do you mean? The information is either there or not there, present
or not present. Is it just that you can't search for it, but can access
it directly? Is it that you can search for it, but can't access it
directly? Without knowing what your symptoms are, there's no way for
someone to help you.

> I have read everything I can find. Have modified the xml config file. 

Without telling us what you've modified, we can't help you.

> There is so much contradictory information out there how can anyone follow it.
> My error message in the xml configuration is:
> g
> You have set <use_zebra_facets> but the <zebra_bib_index_mode> is not set to dom. Falling back to legacy facet calculation.
> But this is meaningless to me. Can someone please give me some good information so I do not have to begin entering from scratch??

This is a warning, it's probably not the immediate source of whatever
your issue is, but we can't be sure because we don't really know what
that issue actually is.

> I must say that I am finding that asking a question and seeking help
> can be frustrating on this site.

This is why there is a list of paid support vendors on the website:


If you want free support, you're expecting people to take time out of
their otherwise busy day to volunteer some time for you. Especially when
you do this in the middle of summer holidays, things are quiet. When you
last asked a question on this mailing list, you got a reply. However you
never followed up on it. May it be that your lack of following up is
what caused the frustration?

Oh, also, another important bit of detail is: how has your Koha been
installed, and what version is it?

TL;DR: you're not providing enough information for someone to be able to
help you.

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