[Koha] A Road Map for Koha

Bob Birchall bob at calyx.net.au
Thu Jan 15 16:28:48 NZDT 2015

Apologies for cross postings.

In October I posted <cid:part1.02090209.00010801 at calyx.net.au> about a 
wish to re-introduce a Road Map of future Koha development.  The idea 
was agreed to at the December <cid:part2.04050201.03020703 at calyx.net.au> 
monthly meeting.

A page has now been added to the Koha wiki to document the Road Map: 

The page will record work that is proposed for inclusion in future 
releases of Koha. It will list  both proposed features and improvements 
to Koha's architecture.

Before you rush off there, its not yet very interesting.  :)  It will 
become more interesting as developers and librarians add their plans and 
proposals for future releases of Koha.  So you are now invited to do 
just that.  If you are progressing work towards the Koha 3.20 or a later 
release, please add it to the Road Map page so that everyone can see 
what is coming down the track.  Brief guidelines are provided on the page.

Koha just keeps getting better.  Thanks again to everyone who 
contributes in one way or another.

Bob Birchall

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