[Koha] Fwd: Request to be added Koha Support

Lautaro Alfaro lalfaro at sigechile.cl
Thu Jan 15 13:06:55 NZDT 2015

Regards Community,

i'm Lautaro Alfaro from KohaChile, i am actively involved in the spanish
community... in our company we sell support for koha, we have worked with
many universities.. and now we would like to be added to the official list.

Thanks!!!! Saludos a todos!

Company Name: Koha Chile

Contact Person: Lautaro Alfaro

Contact email: info at koha.cl

Website: www.koha.cl

Telephone: +56-632-226739

Address: Perez Rosales 713

Atte. Lautaro Alfaro.

Gerente de Desarrollo en SIGE Chile

Co-Founder en KOHA Chile

Director de Fundación Recupera-Chiloé




[+56] (09) 54448489 - [+56] (63) 222 6739

Valdivia - Chile

Diseño Web, Desarrollo de Aplicaciones Informáticas, Capacitaciones,
Seguridad y  Asesorías Computacionales

"Libertad, Igualdad y Fraternidad"

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