[Koha] India specific Open source SMS::Send driver for Unicel released for use with Koha ILS

Indranil Das Gupta indradg at gmail.com
Thu Apr 30 10:03:58 NZST 2015

Dear all,

Good news for Koha users in India who wish to use ‪SMS‬ notifications
from Koha. I've published an ‪open-source‬ India specific SMS::Send
driver that can be used with Koha if you are an ‪Unicel Technologies‬

Unicel Technologies is a fast growing bulk messaging provider from
Bangalore, India. Recently I found myself testing out their
transactional SMS service (for alerts and notifications from ‪Koha‬).
Initially I wrote a rudimentary driver for my own use. But seeing the
demand for support of SMS notifications from Koha coming from Indian
users on various fora, I decided to turn it into a formal SMS::Send
driver and open source it by uploading it CPAN.


My thanks to Jonathan Druart for clearing my doubts on koha-devel, and
to Galen Charlton and Chris Cormack for being kind enough to review
the module on PrePAN. Thank you all :)

Happy Texting!


Indranil Das Gupta
L2C2 Technologies

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