[Koha] browse shelf for serials without items

Giuseppe Angilella Giuseppe.Angilella at ct.infn.it
Wed Apr 8 02:01:08 NZST 2015

Dear Kohaers,

while it is possible to assign a call number to a serial subscription, as 
far as I understand, it is currently not possible to have a serial shown 
with the "browse shelf" function, unless that serial has items (with their 
own, proper call numbers).

I wonder whether it is possible to circumvent this limitation, perhaps 
adding one "fake" item to the record for that serial.

(Apologies for duplicate posting to both the users and the developers 
lists, as I feel my question might receive either an answer based on 
current usage, or possibly stimulate an enhancement of the browse shelf 

Many thanks and best regards,


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