[Koha] name-based virtualhost problem

clint.deckard clint.deckard at frontiers.co.nz
Wed Sep 24 15:11:17 NZST 2014

Robin, Riley and Mark,
Thank you for your help.
I believe I have found the issue.
I had two ServerName entries, the second should have been a ServerAlias 
I am grateful for your timely help.

Many thanks,

Robin Sheat wrote:
> clint.deckard schreef op wo 24-09-2014 om 14:27 [+1200]:
>> I have three package installed Koha instances running on a Debian 
>> server, for a number of weeks all has been OK but today the opac
>> address 
>> for one instance leads to the opac of another. The admin interface 
>> operates without issue though.
> Do what Riley says as well, but to give some hopefully useful context:
> This can happen when your browser does a request for something but
> there's no matching virtual host for it. Apache will deliver the first
> site that it has a configuration for, which is probably one of the
> OPACs.
> There are two cases where this can happen, commonly.
> The least likely is that you're running SSL and are trying to access it
> from Windows XP and IE. XP doesn't support things to make that happen,
> and you shouldn't use it because Windows is terrible anyway.
> The more likely is that there is a difference between the ServerName
> and/or ServerAlias configuration in the OPAC that's not working, and the
> hostname part of the URL used to access it. They must match exactly, and
> if it's an internal system, beware of things like http://library
> automatically becoming http://library.site.co.nz in the browser.

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