[Koha] name-based virtualhost problem

Robin Sheat robin at catalyst.net.nz
Wed Sep 24 14:46:06 NZST 2014

clint.deckard schreef op wo 24-09-2014 om 14:27 [+1200]:
> I have three package installed Koha instances running on a Debian 
> server, for a number of weeks all has been OK but today the opac
> address 
> for one instance leads to the opac of another. The admin interface 
> operates without issue though.

Do what Riley says as well, but to give some hopefully useful context:

This can happen when your browser does a request for something but
there's no matching virtual host for it. Apache will deliver the first
site that it has a configuration for, which is probably one of the

There are two cases where this can happen, commonly.

The least likely is that you're running SSL and are trying to access it
from Windows XP and IE. XP doesn't support things to make that happen,
and you shouldn't use it because Windows is terrible anyway.

The more likely is that there is a difference between the ServerName
and/or ServerAlias configuration in the OPAC that's not working, and the
hostname part of the URL used to access it. They must match exactly, and
if it's an internal system, beware of things like http://library
automatically becoming http://library.site.co.nz in the browser.

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