[Koha] Default to logged in branch vs "all branches'

BWS Johnson abesottedphoenix at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 18 23:15:13 NZST 2014


>T he problem is that these libraries often want this behavior without using
> IB. I think the problem with IndependentBranches is 1) It's an all or
> nothing approach, 2) It must be implemented by hand for each feature, and
> 3) it has no flexibility. That's why I began working on independent groups.
> However, the idea I'm working on is more along the lines of having
> permissions defined on a per-branch basis so LibrarianA can edit patrons
> for branches A, B and C, can modify items for branch A, and can add
> holidays for branches A and B and so forth. We'd also have a 'super' 
> for
> each permission. We could even have a 'default' if we wanted to so a
> library could edit say circ rules for "All libraries" and for branches 
> A
> and B.
> But to answer your question, these bugs don't affect IndependentBranches at
> all.

     First of all, thank you very much for wrestling with some large sticky problems. I know that there are many people working on very large stuff and very annoying things that have been with us way too long. Thanks!

     Second, if we're going to make everything more granular, which I totally support, may we please consider having a few example permissions roles already set for usability's sake or at very least outlined on the relevant page or linked to the right part of the manual? These could then be activated by a simple rename, click, or clone. For instance, I can see having a fake Duhrector account and a fake IT head account already in the pipe with the permissions set as if they were current superlibrarians and had access to everything. I'm just always curious about what we can be doing to have things easier for Libraries out of the box. I wish there were modules, since happily a lot of people don't ever have to worry about either branches or permissions. I just worry that while Koha is becoming more and more rich in features (wonderful, thanks!) is also becoming more difficult to sort out during installation (aww bummer!).


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