[Koha] Setting up a quarterly dated serial prediction

Jeremy Evans Jeremy.Evans at nibsc.org
Fri Sep 12 01:23:04 NZST 2014

I am trying to set up a new serial prediction but the test predictions keep showing up issue numbers when I need the month to display and it also skips to the wrong month.

It is a quarterly journal, published March, June, September and December - each issue is dated by month and year. No issue numbers.

e.g. the issue received today says September 2014 on the front cover.
I would probably want the issue numbers to say MAR/JUN/SEP/DEC

I tried to set up a prediction but it always starts with January each time, not March and omits the year after the first issue.
Any ideas how to set this up? We are using Koha 3.16

Many thanks,

Jeremy Evans
Information Services
Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency
National Institute for Biological Standards and control
Blanche Lane, South Mimms
Potters Bar, Herts,  UK
01707 641323

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