[Koha] Hi! + a newbie question about nullmailer

tan chong hui tanchonghui at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 8 17:47:36 NZST 2014

I'm a new user of Koha.A friend needs to use the system at his library and I'm helping with the backend.
Glad to join the Koha Community!


I've had the system up and running.So far it's been smooth and fun except for a glitch.
nullmailer came to be installed together with Koha and it's been causing mail.log and mail.errto blow up to 10GB in sizes, with lines that typically look like this:
Sep  8 04:08:05 klc1 nullmailer[2290]: message repeated 694 times: [ smtp: Failed: Connect failed]

I'm not currently sending emails so I removed nullmailer altogether from the system.
Did I configure koha incorrectly during installation?


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