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On Sun, Sep 7, 2014 at 6:12 AM, Mark Tompsett <mtompset at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Please also consider the underlying VM technology involved. The other day
> someone had issues with their VM, and it turned out they had OpenVM and the
> node they had in question was a problematic one (probably because all the
> new people keep getting auto assigned there and overloading it). OpenVM
> providers tend to also be cheaper. A price difference that could mean the
> difference between an upgrade headache and upgrade ease.

That someone would be me :) The problem was finally isolated to a
faulty DRAC. Once the VMs were moved off to another server (non-DELL,
same spec and config, except for DRAC and RAID) things quickly fell in
place. The main sysadmin is a kick-ass tech who is available even
outside their US office hours. Only catch, he is usually available
only over irc. In my case, once I actually got hold of him, he fixed
the issues within 15 mins.

FWIW, I'm paying US $7 /mo for a 4096MB/60GB/3TB on OpenVZ. It is my
test box, one that fits my budget.


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