[Koha] Regex backreferences and MARC modification templates in 3.14

Jason Sherman jsherman at usao.edu
Sat Mar 8 10:32:24 NZDT 2014

Hi all,

I'm pretty pumped about the marc mod templates, but I have one question.
 Has anyone been able to use regex backreferences?  Or more broadly, is
anyone using the mod templates to concatenate values?

I'm trying to prepend a value to a subfield, but when I look at the
modified marc in the staged records list, I keep getting a literal instead
of a backreference.

Lets say subfield contains the following:

If I run a move or copy action against it using regex, I would expect the
following expression:

to result in the following output:

instead, I get:

I've also tried using other capture group notation (\1 \g1) instead of the
dollar sign and I still get a literal.


Jason Sherman
Systems Librarian
University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma

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