[Koha] empty Tools list

Giuseppe Angilella Giuseppe.Angilella at ct.infn.it
Sun Mar 2 05:14:10 NZDT 2014


I'm in the process of upgrading an old database to the current version of 
Koha. The migration process had errors, which I am now trying to identify 
and fix (one by one, alas).

Presently, the Koha instance working on the updated database does not 
display any tool in the Tools page. It only displays the headings:

    Patrons and circulation

    Additional tools


and nothing below any of them.

(Another instance of Koha does display all available tools.)

I suspect that this has to do with some missing entry in some table of the 
Koha mysql database. The question is: which one? Any hint?

(A related question is, how can I debug the 
intranet/cgi-bin/tools/tools-home.pl script from the command line?)

Many thanks,


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