[Koha] wrong sorting order of results beginning with accented letters (č, š, ř, ž,...)

Zeno Tajoli z.tajoli at cineca.it
Tue Jan 21 00:19:49 NZDT 2014

Hi to all,

Il 20/01/2014 11:24, Bohdan Šmilauer ha scritto:

> "map ěêèéëÊÈÉË e", etc. I have found that other syntax can be used "map
> eěêèéëÊÈÉË", or "map ěêèéëÊÈÉË(e)", what is correct? Then I ran koha-rebuild
> -zebra -a -v -f.

as I know the correct is "map ěêèéëÊÈÉË e"

> It caused the accented letters are assumed to be all the same "e" and the
> accent is ignored in collation.

And in fact , this correct. With "map ěêèéëÊÈÉË e" you optain this result.

So your request is more complex.

See the others dir parallel with

for example
/etc/koha/zebradb/lang_defs/uk [Ukraine lang]
/etc/koha/zebradb/lang_defs/nb [Norwegian lang]

and read http://www.indexdata.com/zebra/doc/character-map-files.html
, the official help on setup sort-string-
utf.chr [not easy]
I suggest to read also 
http://www.indexdata.com/zebra/doc/fields-and-charsets.html and linked 

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