[Koha] wrong sorting order of results beginning with accented letters (č, š, ř, ž,...)

Bohdan Šmilauer b.smilauer at post.cz
Sun Jan 19 11:15:45 NZDT 2014

Hi to all! 
I'm trying to achieve the correct sorting in the search results in Koha 3.12
 installed on Ubuntu 12.04. I followed the instructions on 


Despite this, the sorting of the results of authorities or  titles is wrong.
 You can see it on http://koha.doxos.eu:8080/(http://koha.doxos.eu:8080/) 
The variable "locale" is set to cs_CZ.UTF-8 and  a simple sample sorting 
program written in Perl works correctly.

Does anyone know which programs in Koha control the collation order of 
resullts on Opac and how to fix it? Thank you very much for the advice.

Bohdan Smilauer

Librarian of Economic Library

Letenska 15

Prague 1


mail: b.smilauer at post.cz

phone +420736120563

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