[Koha] Hardware requirements for a machine running server and client together - Elive?

Mark Tompsett mtompset at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 13 17:03:28 NZDT 2014


> How much powerful should be a computer for running Koha as server
> and a client together working with about 70.000 records?


In reality, more than 512MB of RAM. 1GB minimum is my suggestion. 512MB was 
painfully inadequate for us and we have less than 70K records currently. I 
like the 2GB ram suggestion, which is what we are using for our live system. 
20 minute full reindex vs. 3+ hours trying to reindex on 512MB.

And depending on the size of your records, Operating System, etc. You could 
probably get away with a 15GB drive space. But again, libraries grow, so why 
not larger? And you are doing a desktop, so probably 320GB should suffice 
initially. :)

"However, it is a good idea to have a hard drive on the larger size for a 
production system
because the database of MARC records will be contained on that one hard 
drive. We are not only
concerned about MARC records but also patron data, checkout history, use 
statistics and most
importantly database indexes." (http://www.codeykolasinski.com/koha.pdf) --  
Good point! :)

> And... can I install Elive Linux instead of pure Debian?

You can try Elive Linux, but pure Debian (or Ubuntu) has more people who 
have done it, are doing it, and can help you do it. It should be possible, 
considering it claims to be where Debian mets enlightenment, which would 
suggest the packages from the Koha Debian repository should be usable.

Mark Tompsett 

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