[Koha] Hardware requirements for a machine running server and client together - Elive?

Robin Sheat robin at catalyst.net.nz
Mon Jan 13 16:30:30 NZDT 2014

Andrea Furin schreef op zo 12-01-2014 om 14:47 [+0100]:
> Hi to all. A perhaps stupid question but very important for me.
> How much powerful should be a computer for running Koha as server and
> a
> client together working with about 70.000 records?
> Thanks in advance

A good desktop should handle that OK if you're having to be very budget
conscious, though this isn't a recommended configuration. Servers tend
to be faster, easier to keep backed up, secured, and maintained.

To specify a server, you really need to know how busy it'll be. More
records really just means more disk space, but that's cheap. More usage
means more/better CPUs and more RAM.

As a rule of thumb, the minimums I'd recommend for a server are 2GB RAM,
20GB of disk, and dual core reasonable processors. However if you are
also running a desktop on it, then you'll have to increase the specs to
account for this.

> And... can I install Elive Linux instead of pure Debian?

Maybe. If it's close enough to Debian, you can do it with the packages.
If it's not close enough, you'll have to do it the old-fashioned tar
file way.

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