[Koha] Add order to basket by uploading from an excel file in Acquisition.

Prajeesh prajeeshb77 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 4 19:47:13 NZDT 2014

Anyone know any facility available in koha to upload excel file in "add
order to basket " (Acquisition) .

Now the following options are available.

>From an existing record
>From a suggestion
>From a subscription
>From a new (empty) record
>From an external source
>From a staged file

We are using koha  We are getting suggestions from different
departments in excel file. Is it possible to upload the same to koha after
editing the essential details. Please help us

With Regards

Prajeesh Bhaskaran
Mahatma Gandhi University Library
Kottayam, Kerala- 686 560

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