[Koha] Koha + RFID + automatic book sorting system

Anne Lena Westrum anne-lena.westrum at kul.oslo.kommune.no
Tue Jun 25 01:12:11 NZST 2013

Hello Koha Community!

I am wondering whether some of you have experience with Koha and RFID or 
Koha+RFID and automatic book sorting systems?

In Oslo, Norway, we are currently planning a new main library stretching 
across 5 floors with an automated book sorting system as the main 
logistics "channel" between the floors. The main library is also serving 
16 different branches in Oslo, plus all the other libraries in Norway 
that do ILL from us.

We are running a proprietary ILS today, but are considering switching to 
FOSS. All our books are chipped with RFID and we have self 
checkout/returns machines, but we do not have a book sorting machine. 
That is something for the new building.

It would be great if someone could share their experiences with Koha and 
RFID/book sorting systems with us and help us avoid the - I am sure - 
known traps that are there. A name of a library or person we should 
contact is also very welcome!

I am looking forward to hearing from you! :)

Best regards,
Anne-Lena Westrum
Project manager
Digital development team

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