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Thanks Katrin and Jared. We may have to upgrade. We are using WorldCat Local as our discovery service and I want to make sure all our records have OCLC numbers in them (we store these in the 001) so that when users click on the catalog link in WorldCat, they'll get through to the catalog record. OCLC's batchload process takes care of most of this but there are patches that we have not covered. That's why I want to run a report to see which records still have those non-OCLC numbers in them. Also, we've had the default Koha OSt control number identifier in the 003 (which is quite wrong) but I don't know how to refer to that tag in my SQL query.

Many thanks,

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Hi Glenda,

we are using 001 (Control number) excessively, and the ExtractValue should work ok. What's the exact problem you have? Can you describe it a bit more? What kind of report do you need?

I notice that the report you link to is not using 001 but querying 035$a?

SELECT b.title, b.author, ExtractValue(m.marcxml, '//datafield[@tag="035"]/subfield[@code="a"]') AS 'OCLC Number' 
FROM biblio b
LEFT JOIN items i USING (biblionumber)
LEFT JOIN biblioitems m USING (biblionumber) WHERE i.wthdrawn > 0


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> Hello, there have been previous posts on this issue but no 
> satisfactory answers yet. I have posted the following query in Nicole 
> Engard's ByWater Solutions website and she has referred me to this 
> group in case the SQL queries <http://wiki.koha- 
> community.org/wiki/SQL_Reports_Library#Withdrawn_Titles_Li
> st_to_Send_to_OCLC>  she pointed me to don't work:
> "I still can't find a good way to generate a report of the values 
> stored in the 001 tag, either from Koha's report wizard or creating 
> SQL queries using
> "ExtractValue(marcxml,'//controlfield[@tag="001"]') AS OCLC Control Number".
> And there's no easy way to map a Koha field to 001 and/or 003 to be 
> able to run reports that include these control fields. I would 
> appreciate some help."
> Is this a data issue? Why don't the ExtractValue function work? 
> There's data in the 'marcxml' or 'marc' fields when I simply select them in a query?
> Many, many thanks for any help.
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