[Koha] Koha - Calendar

Bob Birchall bob at calyx.net.au
Tue Jan 8 18:07:48 NZDT 2013

On 08/01/13 15:12, Maxine Murphy wrote:
> If a Branch Library is closed and the Central Library is open, can we have two different due dates for the same day issued.
> Eg 1week loan period
> Branch & Central Library open on the 1st
> Date due for Central is the 8th , but the Branch Library is closed this day.
> So I am wanting the Branch Library's due date to be their next opening day which is the 10th.
Hi Maxine,
Just set the circulation system preference to Use the calender, and then 
at Tools / Calender record (separately) the days that each branch is closed.
That should do it.
Best wishes,
Bob Birchall

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